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 Our team of experts looks at the latest research and data to evaluate products, breeders and brands.

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Test & Audit

Either products are tested for extensively audited using the Leafypedia Trust Metholody.

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Articles, guides and blog posts are developed and shared on the Cannabis 101 blog.

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Why Trust Us? Review Methodology

When it comes to product/breeder/dispensary reviews, there is no one-size-fits-all methodology. However, there are six key areas the Leafypedia team reviews to ensure that each report is comprehensive and objective.

Products are analyzed by marijuana enthusiasts, professionals and 5,000+ data points.

1) Reputation: A seed bank’s reputation is something that’s earned over time, through the quality of the products they offer and the level of customer service they provide. Before the Leafypedia team make any recommendations they measure:

  • The length of time they’ve been in business: A longer history usually indicates a more reputable company.
  • What kind of reviews they have: Look for both positive and negative reviews, and see what kind of feedback people are giving.
  • Their product offerings: See what kinds of seeds they offer, and whether they have a good selection.
  • Customer service: How easy is it to get in touch with them if you have questions or problems? Do they seem helpful and knowledgeable?

Taking all of these factors into account will help you make a decision about which cannabis seed bank should make it onto our “recommended” list.

Depending on where you live, and whether germination is legal in your country (check your local laws), Seed Banks are generally given a higher rating if they offer the germination guarantee. Germination can take place anything between 12-72 hours so you’ll know very quickly if the seeds are good. Photographic evidence is normally required for this.

Stealth shipping is extremely important when packages are travelling overseas. Even if seeds are legal in your country, most people want their package to arrive discreetly.

Accordion Content

No one wants their package to arrive after six weeks… the quicker the shipping (some are 24hours), the higher the score.

We review prices, promos, and loyalty programmes.

We review all payment options on offer, bank transfers, crypto, visa etc, the more the better.

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